Sunday, December 28, 2008


.Walkin' Preppy.

Yet another pair of shoes- classic black ballet pumps this time- that are unfortunately too tight for me to walk in :( bought this online from Luscious Lips, it's called 'Ebony Pumps' and as pretty as this pair is, it has a vintage preppy twist to it. It's all sold out and non-restockable over at Luscious Lips, so this is your chance to grab a pair here if it's in your size! Darn, definitely would have kept it if it wasn't too tight. Never worn out, may as well be brand new. Very good condition.

*p/s- Strictly recommended for a size 37/6 as although this pair is a size 38/7, the cutting's small.

Colour : black
Condition : Tried on only. Very good condition.
Size : 38/7 (small cutting!)

Price : RM52 (SOLD)