Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walking On A Dream.



Don't let it's white lacey innocence fool you. Being it a mini babydoll, it gives out a tinge of subtle sexiness. Not so innocent anymore? You decide.

Brand : (bought from A Model's Studio)
Colour : White. 
Condition : Very Good.
Size : fits up to a size M. 
Material : Lace, Cotton, satin slip. padded.
Price : RM30 (SOLD) 

Must you make me laugh so much ; it's bad enough we get along so well.


Versatile as hell , this floral dress. Go crazeh! :)

Brand : (bought from Closet Chaos)
Colour : Floral, Mixed

Condition : Good.
Size : Fits up to a size M 

Material : Cotton

Price : RM25