Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walking On A Dream.



Don't let it's white lacey innocence fool you. Being it a mini babydoll, it gives out a tinge of subtle sexiness. Not so innocent anymore? You decide.

Brand : (bought from A Model's Studio)
Colour : White. 
Condition : Very Good.
Size : fits up to a size M. 
Material : Lace, Cotton, satin slip. padded.
Price : RM30 (SOLD) 

Must you make me laugh so much ; it's bad enough we get along so well.


Versatile as hell , this floral dress. Go crazeh! :)

Brand : (bought from Closet Chaos)
Colour : Floral, Mixed

Condition : Good.
Size : Fits up to a size M 

Material : Cotton

Price : RM25

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Don't you forget about me, I'll be alone dancing ; you know it.

This is one fierce, unforgettable pair of (authentic) GUESS heels. Not for the faint hearted, but rather the experimentive fashionista. Too tight for me, should have gotten a size 7.5 but was out of stock. Been lying in my closet for about a year..guess it's time to let it go.
Brand : GUESS
Material : furry
Colour : Patterned ; cream and black.
Size : US 7
Price : RM150

Last Day Of Magic.

.Tainted Love.
A mix of sweetness with an edge. Loved these, bought it from Lush Serendipity quite a while ago, only to find that my heel kept coming out when I walked in it. Chose to give it up and get a new pair, rather than it lying in its shoebox for long.
Brand : (bought from Lush Serendipity)
Colour : Black
Condition : Very good.
Size : 39/8
Price : RM50 (SOLD)

I'd Wish You Luck, But I've Got Better Things To Do.

.Electric Feel.

I first saw this type of pointed toe heels on Angelina Jolie on the main poster of Mr & Mrs. Smith a long while back and fell in love with it. While vacationing in Barcelona ; Spain a few years back, i came across this sassy pair in a little shoe shop called Mustang. Kickass, 'nuff said.

Brand : Mustang (from Spain)

Colour : Black

Condition : 9/10, Good condition.

Size : 39/8

Price : Rm110

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coffee and Cigarettes.

Imagine a Sunday where all you need at that moment are comfy flats, leggings, an oversized tank top, a sink-in couch, a good book, and a Java Chip drink with chocolate and caramel drizzle.
If only it could always be as laid back.
Brand : Pink (bought it from Amsterdam)
Colour : Black , insoles pink
Condition : Excellent condition, never worn out.
Size : 39/8 (small cutting, as even on my size 7.5 feet, it's a little tight. Recommended for ppl with size 7 feet.)
Price : RM30 (SOLD)

Born In Heels.


Sometimes, even the most powersuited woman would want to ditch her high heels for a day for these more practical pumps!
Brand : Nose
Colour : black
Condition : 9/10 (worn once)
Size : 8
Price : RM45

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heaven knows, it's got to be this time.

Hello again! After what seemed like eons, we've revamped our blog a little, it's called Oh, Love. now instead of what was previously Fashion Frenzy. The new name for our blog symbolizes our love for all things sugar,spice and everything nice...and also Andrew VanWyngarden.

Aaanyway, now that we're back..there's pretty heels coming up. Stay tuned! :)

p/s- don't forget to click "Older Posts", there's more stuff that may not have been sold yet that might just catch your eye.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

La Senza ♥

.Purple Haze.

Apparently, purple is said to be the new black; hot in trend - what can be more alluring than a rich shade of plum these days? Light sprinkle of shimmer/glitter on this La Senza bra to bring out the flamboyant diva in you and on the side; sexy corset-inspired lace! Forget about red and black for now- this one screams Ooo la laa! ;)
Brand spanking new. Not padded though, but it does have underwire for support.

Brand: La Senza ('Love' collection)
Material :
satin and cotton with slight shimmer
Colour : rich purple
Condition :
brand spanking new, Excellent condition.
Size : 34 C

Price : RM50 (SOLD)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Born In Heels.

heel height...approximately 4.5 inches...

original price...RM249..

price after sale and the price I bought it for.. RM199.90, basically RM200 :/

comes with this lil' thingy too...

Just one word to sum it up : Classy.
Brand new with tags, tried on only, unfortunately a little too small for me :/ It's a good y'all know how extremely pricey Zara shoes are in general..even during sales! ;)

Brand : ZARA (footwear collection)
Colour : black, suede (somewhat fuzzy material)
Condition : Tried on only. Very good condition.

Size : 39/8

Price : RM 140 (inclusive postage) (SOLD)

"Let's sway under the moonlight, this serious moonlight." - David Bowie

Coming Up!

Here's a sneek peek of what's coming up in a short while ;)

Of Pleats & Plaids.

.I Wanna Rock & Roll.

A plaid tube dress with a distinct rock/grunge edge. May look basic at first, but this baby looks awesome with opaque tights and even paired with a thick clincher :) comes with built-in padding. brand new and never worn..impulse buy.

*p/s - the black clincher in the picture is just for illustration purposes only - not for sale! ;p

Brand: frm the blogshop Vogue Virginity
Material :
Colour : black and white, plaid
Condition : brand spanking new, Excellent condition.

Size : Free Size.

Price : RM45

Dotted Love.

.The Girl From Yesterday.

Flirty vintage polka dots will always be a timeless classic. Can be used as a maxi for the more petite.

Brand: Urban& Co
Material :
soft, light cotton
Colour : black and white polka dots
Condition : 9/10 Good Condition. worn twice.

Size : Medium (M)

Price : RM100 (original price a lil' above RM200)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Up and running ♥

Holy mac-and-cheese!! It's been such a LONG time since we've been on a hiatus..almost..6 months from the last post..have been extremely busy though, but nonetheless,we've got some awesome preloved, some brand new goodies coming up :)

Stay tuned ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


.Walkin' Preppy.

Yet another pair of shoes- classic black ballet pumps this time- that are unfortunately too tight for me to walk in :( bought this online from Luscious Lips, it's called 'Ebony Pumps' and as pretty as this pair is, it has a vintage preppy twist to it. It's all sold out and non-restockable over at Luscious Lips, so this is your chance to grab a pair here if it's in your size! Darn, definitely would have kept it if it wasn't too tight. Never worn out, may as well be brand new. Very good condition.

*p/s- Strictly recommended for a size 37/6 as although this pair is a size 38/7, the cutting's small.

Colour : black
Condition : Tried on only. Very good condition.
Size : 38/7 (small cutting!)

Price : RM52 (SOLD)

Born In Heels.

.Pump It.

Recognise this? :) bought this Barbie Pumps online from Kiss and Tell a while back but felt it's a tad too tight for me to walk around in it (especially when walking around a lot), should have gotten a size bigger. Pity tho,really like this heels as it's incredibly versatile- with it's seductive deep-red soles. Hopefully I could get another one like it :( Worn only once,good condition.

*p/s- Strictly recommended
for a size 37/6 as although this pair is a size 38/7, the cutting's small.

Colour : patent black
Condition : Worn once only. Good condition.
Size : 38/7 (small cutting!)

Price : RM50

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strappy Seduction.

.Grecian Goddess.

A very Greek-inspired pair of metallic bronze lace-up strappy sandals from Momoe, with a feminine touch. Details are simple but the lace-up straps gives it more feel than your ordinary sandals. Another adorable pair of sandals to add to your shoe rack! :)

Brand : Momoe
Colour : bronze

Condition : Worn once. Good condition.
Size : 39 / 8

Price : RM35